What is the design solution for Seaford Road?

We’ve developed a unique approach for Seaford which lowers Seaford Road and places the rail line on to a planted embankment to separate road from rail. 

When will construction start?

A tender process will start in this year with construction starting in 2018.

Was a rail trench considered for this site?

Yes. However, our investigations into a trench identified risks which could impact the ecological habitat of the Edithvale-Seaford wetlands and Kananook Creek due to the unique ground conditions and underground water flows.

In Seaford, there are clay layers that are close to the surface. A trench structure, combined with the clay, would change groundwater flow, so that water levels on the inland side could rise, causing potential impacts to the wetlands. Water levels on the coastal side could fall, which would in turn affect the environmental values of Kananook Creek. 

How does the design solution differ to the rail bridge presented to the community last year?

The hybrid design solution for Seaford lowers the road and places the rail line onto a planted embankment, reducing the use of concrete structures. The extent of raised rail is also 200 metres shorter than what we presented last year. 

These changes have been made in response to community feedback about integrating the solution into the local area as much as possible. 

What local upgrades are planned as part of the project?

The Victorian Government has announced a $10 million package of works for Seaford – this is in addition to getting rid of the boom gates and improving traffic flow and safety in the area. 

We’ll be talking with locals soon about priorities for the area, whether it be improving the open space or creating new connections through walking and cycling paths.

Will there be disruptions during construction?

There will be some short term disruption during construction. We will minimise impacts wherever possible and use extensive traffic control measures to ensure the safety of local residents, traders and visitors to the area. 

More information about potential disruptions will be known once we have a construction partner on board.

How can I get involved and learn more about the project?

Community members are encouraged to visit our mobile information hub to talk to a staff member, view maps and images and learn more. The mobile information hub will be in Seaford in the week commencing 6 March – keep an eye out on our website for details of the location.

A number of local workshops will also be held to discuss ideas about architectural, public space and landscape opportunities.

In addition, a Community Reference Group (CRG) is being established to provide ongoing input into the project.