Seaford Road, Seaford

Artist impression of the new open space at R F Miles Reserve

On behalf of the Victorian Government, the Level Crossing Removal Project is overseeing the removal of 75 dangerous and congested level crossings across Melbourne by 2025.

Works to remove the Seaford Road, Seaford level crossing are now complete.

Seaford Revitalisation

Work will continue on the $10 million Seaford revitalisation in 2019.

This project includes six kilometres of new walking and cycling paths from Eel Race Road, through Seaford and on to Frankston, a new community open space and playscape in RF Miles Reserve and planting more than 100,000 trees, shrubs and low-lying vegetation. Major planting will start in March.

The oval at RF Miles Reserve will be ready to play on for the 2020 footy season.

On behalf of the Victorian Government, the Level Crossing Removal Project is overseeing the removal of 75 dangerous and congested level crossings across Melbourne by 2025.

Works to remove the Seaford Road, Seaford level crossing are now complete.

Seaford Revitalisation

Work will continue on the $10 million Seaford revitalisation in 2019.

This project includes six kilometres of new walking and cycling paths from Eel Race Road, through Seaford and on to Frankston, a new community open space and playscape in RF Miles Reserve and planting more than 100,000 trees, shrubs and low-lying vegetation. Major planting will start in March.

The oval at RF Miles Reserve will be ready to play on for the 2020 footy season.

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  • Crossing near Seaford RSL is that to be done

    Dot asked 10 months ago

    Hi Dot, while we would love to get rid of all dangerous and congested level crossings in Melbourne, our focus is on removing the 75 that have been nominated for removal by 2025.

  • I would request that as part of the revitalisation the seaford scout hall is moved from its current unsafe location and incorporated into the revitalised area Also can you please send me the timeline for when the design for the eel race rd - Overton rd bike path is open for public comment. I do not want the exisiting non-bitumen pathway to be incorporated into the new pathway Thanks Angus Barnes

    AB asked over 1 year ago

    Hi Angus, thanks for your feedback. We'll be sure to pass all of this on to the project designers. The alignment of the 6km walking and cycling path as a general guide will follow the alignment of the rail corridor, however a more detailed design will be available later this year. 

    Thanks again for getting in touch

  • Has there been any consideration to including a fenced off leash dog area at the upgraded football field? There are currently no fenced dog areas in Seaford. The park off Erwin drive ( near Seaford rd) is rarely used. Could this space be utilised for an off lead area? Having a safe fenced off leash area might reduce the number of people running their dogs illegally off leash on the beach.

    taylorad asked almost 2 years ago

    Hi tayloran, thanks for taking the time to provide feedback. 

    All feedback gathered from our revitalisation consultation surveys will help the project designers to further refine the current designs for the Seaford Road project, with final designs will be released later in the year

  • What are you doing to prevent grafitti at seaford rf miles? Are CCTV cameras going to be installed? Are you covering vertical metal and concrete surfaces with vertical gardens? Why arent you proposing a shaded / sheltered area for the playground? Why arent you purchasing play equipment from the local manufacturer in carrum downs?

    Chris.gray asked over 1 year ago

    Hi Chris, thanks for taking the time to provide your feedback. 

    All feedback gathered from our revitalisation consultation surveys will help the project designers to further refine the current designs for the Seaford Road project. Final designs will be released later in the year. 

    We understand that safety and graffitti mitigation are important to the local community as we've heard a lot about this through our consultation process. Our project designers are working hard to develop a design to help mitigate graffiti and ensure safety for users of the new open space. We also look to use local traders and suppliers where possible, and will pass this on to our project designers for consideration.

  • Hi there, thank you for giving us the opportunity to ask you questions. I live in Mt Martha and commute into the city 5 days a week. As I live past Frankston train station I need to drive and park at a train station (as do a lot of other Mornington Peninsula residents). I cannot see any mention of additional car parking at Seaford train station (Kananook or Frankston). There already such a limited amount of car spots it becomes a stressful start to every day. Will car parking near train stations be something LXRA will address? Thanks, Jo

    jo.bee asked almost 2 years ago

    Hi Jo, thanks for your feedback. 

    We understand the concerns you have with regards to parking, as this is something we've heard about from many communities across Melbourne. 

    While upgrades to parking at Seaford Station is not currently part of the scope for the revitalisation, all feedback collected through our community engagement process will be developed into a report and used as a basis for discussion with other key stakeholders including Metro Trains Melbourne and local council to inform the final design for the area.

  • Hi there, Can you advise what size the Oval at R.F.Miles will be once it’s rebuilt? Also, will there be perimeter fencing around the venue so the footy club can charge admittance to ensure it’s survival? Regards

    Devo asked almost 2 years ago

    Hi Devo, the Level Crossing Removal Authority will restore the oval at R.F. Miles Reserve once the project is complete and we're currently in discussions with Frankston City Council as the asset owner. 

    If you'd like to provide any feedback on the revitalisation of the area around the level crossings, you can take our online surveys that are open until 8 July. Thanks.

  • I have several questions.. What concrete assurances have been given that the Rail Noise will be greatly reduced due to the Authority choosing the Hybrid above ground option, as opposed to the unanimous Below Ground request from the Residents..? What are the solutions offered for the massive current and future traffic build up, due to the multiple intersections of Seaford rd, Fortescue ave. Elsie ave and Railway Parade...? The traffic chaos created at these intersections were horrendous, even when there were NO train services running prior to this project. I suspect there will be ongoing issues due to traffic lights and bad sequencing, sheer volume of traffic and the proliferation of Hoons in the area. Lastly, will there be a massive planting of Native trees to beautify the area and bring back the displaced wild life and Native birds...? There has been wholesale destruction of many hundreds of Tonnes of trees and I have witnessed this for many weeks. Will there be massive planting to the point of having more tonnage of trees than before...? What plans are in place to minimise vandalism and graffiti..? Thank you..

    trafficsnarl asked almost 2 years ago

    Hi trafficsnarl, thank you for getting in touch.   

    By removing the four dangerous level crossings from Carrum to Seaford, we're making short local trips safer and easier, fixing local road networks and reducing congestion between the Nepean Highway, Frankston Freeway and EastLink. With the removal of the four level crossings, locals will see a reduction in rat-running through local streets, making them quieter and safer. You can find more information about traffic improvements here: 

    We're working with VicRoads to ensure that traffic light sequencing will keep traffic moving through these areas after the boom gates are gone. In relation to noise, the project must comply with the Victorian Passenger Rail Infrastructure Noise Policy (PRINP).  

    Unfortunately, all level crossing removal projects have an impact on trees and vegetation in and adjacent to rail corridors, however the majority of vegetation removal required for this project is now complete. Every effort has been made to minimise and manage the impact on vegetation as well as local wildlife during these works. The Seaford Level Crossing Removal Project will offset vegetation removed for the projects through landscaping, replanting and protecting vegetation in the region. The design provides the opportunity to plant new vegetation adjacent to the rail line, as well as in the new areas of open space that will be created. We will continue to work with the Seaford Community Reference Group, local community groups and residents on the revitalisation and landscaping opportunities.  

    With regards to graffiti, there are a number of strategies to reduce anti-social behavior that can be put in place at the new site, including building materials that are graffiti resistant, using urban design elements and lighting to increase visibility, public art or vegetation. Discussions are underway with key stakeholder on on possible mitigation and management options.

  • What is the proposed plans for the traffic management after the wall is built? All the artists impressions indicate the removal of traffic lights. Vicroads website shows no planning for any amendments. Will the traffic lights remain? If so, what are the proposed 'benefits' of this solution? thanks

    Jcscotland asked almost 2 years ago

    Hi Jcscotland, traffic lights at the intersection will be remaining, although they are not depicted in the artist's impression.

    Removing the level crossing will greatly reduce congestion and improve safety at the intersection. Traffic lights will allow for safe turning movements between Seaford Road adjacent local streets. Please let us know if you have any further questions, and we thank you for your interest in the project.

  • Can you please let us know if there will be a New pedestrian crossing on the corner of Johnson st and Railway Parade ? i have been told that it might be in front of my house , which i strongly oppose for many reasons.. i am unable to get a concrete answer or be shown any plans.Perhaps you can help. Thankyou

    jason and mary asked almost 2 years ago

    Hi there Jason and Mary, thanks for your question. 

    As part of the new design for Seaford Road, we'll be creating an open space under the rail line that will connect RF Miles through to Railway Parade. 

    To aid the safe crossing of Railway Parade, a new pedestrian crossing will be created between Weatherston Road and Johnstone Street. The exact location is still to be determined. We are happy to discuss this further if you’d like to call us on 1800 105 105. Thank you.

  • I've raised this previously but for the benefit of consideration by others in this forum...I'm excited about this project providing a walking, running and cycling link from Carrum to Frankston via a trail through Seaford. This is part of the unfulfilled Bay Trail which extends from the city to Carrum. It is also part of Frankston City Council's strategy. It appears logical that the trail should follow the existing Kananook Creek Trail for the first section from Carrum to Seaford Station - from there potentially along the rail corridor or the remainder of Kananook Creek into the existing Bay Trail trail that starts at Mile Bridge Frankston? It would be great to see this trail surfaced in the same gravel as the Bay Trail at Patterson River and north to Mordialloc. Reasons include the fact the gravel retains the natural feel and water run off of Kananook Creek and the coastal environment, it is less unsightly if graffiti-ed, it is the preferred surface for runners and walkers and discourages fast cycling. While the community wanted a trench option, the opportunity to see this trail constructed will be great for the area - let's make sure we do it right and not another concrete peninsula link trail.

    Nick asked about 2 years ago

    Hi Nick, thanks for your feedback. Glad to hear you're in support of the walking and cycling path we'll build from Carrum to Frankston as part of this project.

    We've provided your feedback to the project team. There'll also be further opportunity to have input into the revitalisation works we'll be undertaking around the Seaford level crossing removal this year. 

  • Are we getting the Skyrail at Seaford because it's a cheaper option ? The creek can't be the problem as Edithvale station for instance is only 160 m from Port Philip bay, not a creek. A new playground, nature play areas and tree planting, picnic facilities and lawn seating terraces, improvements to the oval and car parking Where are you going to put the many car parks if all this is promised for that area. Have you looked how many combinations of traffic lights at this intersection, there is always going to be a traffic problem there. Have you done your homework on how many people travel into Frankston even at rush hour the trains have very few passengers. We don't need trains going all the way into Frankston every 5 mins, people would use the time table and get used to trains again every 15 mins.

    cockersp asked about 2 years ago

    Hi cockersp, thanks for your question.

    Following detailed technical investigations, it has been determined that the rail under road option is not viable at Seaford Road. In this case, a rail under road solution is not considered a viable option due to the likely changes it could cause to the area’s groundwater flows, impacting on the plant and wildlife of the internationally significant and protected Edithvale-Seaford Wetlands and nearby Kananook Creek environment.

    Although Kananook Creek and the wetlands are currently managed, the ability to control the inflow and outflow of water is limited as the wetlands are so low lying and any change can have significant flow on impacts to the flora and fauna. Knowing a trench solution was preferred by the community in Seaford, we worked hard to develop the hybrid design, finding a balance between the technical challenges and community feedback. Further information is available in the technical reports on our website at 

    As Melbourne's population continues to grow, it is important to ensure there is capacity to increase train services along the Frankston line as demand continues to grow.    

  • I noticed a previous questioner asked about the retention of existing banksias and tea trees near the rail line. The answer given was about tree planting of native trees. New plantings will take many years to be the equivalent of existing trees (including dead and partially dead trees which are still important environments for fungi, grasses, insects and birds). As the questioner pointed out also, these old trees are fundamental to the special 'feel' of Seaford. In the workshops I attended last year, many people like the fact that Seaford is not sophisticated. And of course it is a fragile environment with the narrow beach, the tea treed dunes (the only ones remaining on Port Phillip Bay), the Kananook Creek and the Internationally recognised Wetlands. I hope that the company responsible for the surrounding areas of the new railway are taking all of this into account. I would appreciate it if you could let me know the name of the company so that I can make contact with them. Thank you, Shirley Diver

    shirley diver asked about 2 years ago

    Hi Shirley, thanks for your enquiry. We've heard through our consultation how important the landscape is for Seaford locals, and we'll continue to work with the local community on what vegetation they would like to see included to reflect the local character. Some tree and vegetation removal close to the rail line will be necessary to complete the works to rail safety standards. If you have any questions about the tree removal and landscaping, please contact us on 1800 762 667 or email us at

  • What is the route of the planned new walking/cycling path from Eel Race Rd to Frankston? I'm concerned that the Kananook Creek bushland reserve will be impacted by this. Residents fought this battle several years ago against a plan to concrete the existing walking trail, and I hope we won't have to do it again.

    Callida asked over 2 years ago

    A final design for the new walking and cycling path is not yet complete, but we are working closely with and other relevant authorities on a solution that will be best for the local community.

  • I just wanted to say congratulations and well done to the concept designers because this is a fabulous response to a difficult site. It will be a huge improvement for traffic flow and the local community.

    TerryMac asked over 2 years ago

    Hi Terry - thank you for your feedback. We are really looking forward to starting work next year.

  • Hello. Will the proposed rail bridge at Seaford Road crossing allow the passage of Freight trains? Regards Rodni

    Rodni asked over 2 years ago

    Hi Rodni. Yes, freight trains will continue to run along the Frankston line once the elevated rail over Seaford Road has been built.

  • As part of the Seaford road works, are there any plans for the Station St Level Crossing in Seaford?

    Sal asked over 2 years ago

    Hi Sal, unfortunately the Station Street level crossing isn't nominated for removal. While we'd love to remove all of the level crossings around Melbourne, we need to focus on the 50 nominated for removal by 2022.

    There are a number of factors considered when assessing level crossing removals, including congestion, safety and overall economic benefits. It's helpful to know where people are having frustrations so these crossings can be considered in future.

  • So I assume the excuse that a trench will effect to creek and/or wetlands. And I assume this is due to water table levels and ground water flows. Well I will give you a solution to this free of any consultation fees - free. Spaced out along the trench on either side you drill well pits. These are plumbed under the trench and would via gravity equalise the well level each side of track. This could be assisted by level switched pumps if needed. There not too hard is it now get on with digging the trenches. So what if you have to run buses for an extra month or 2. Stop taking us for fools. Trenching technology is well advanced and there are hundreds of projects around the world you could emulate. If you use the right method you may even save money on this project.

    Gary asked almost 3 years ago

    Hi Gary, 

    Thanks for your feedback. Our investigations into a building a trench at Seaford have identified risks to the Edithvale-Seaford Wetlands and to Kananook Creek. The impacts a trench would have on groundwater flow and flooding and to vegetation and wildlife in these areas has led us to develop the hybrid solution. The hybrid design will lower Seaford Road by up to 1.5m and place the rail line onto a planted embankment. 

    You can read more about the hybrid design and why we have chosen this solution here:

  • Thanks for your quick response re the noise baseline study It would be great if you could provide further details - ie what is the 'project area' in which noise was recorded, what time of day and for what trains were the recordings made etc .. obviously if the baseline is missing key areas or did not record freight trains at night for example then the model will not be adequate ... thanks

    AB asked almost 3 years ago

    Hi AB,

    There were four locations for the noise monitoring in Seaford - Railway Pde, Bayside Grove, Seaford Road and Levuka Street. Monitoring was recorded continuously over a period of four weeks, capturing both passenger and freight rail.

  • Could you please email me the noise study for the seaford road crossing based on rail going over thanks

    AB asked almost 3 years ago

    Hi AB, thanks for your message. At this stage we have carried out preliminary noise investigations, which involves recording the current noise levels within the project area to give us a baseline for modelling future levels. Once we have a detailed project design, our acoustic specialists will build a noise model to help us understand how noise levels might change once the project is complete. 

    The project must also comply with the Victorian noise standards for passenger rail, known as the Passenger Rail Instrastructure Noise Policy (PRINP). We will share more information with the community on noise when it becomes available, currently expected in 2018. 

  • There is currently one light towards the end of the overpass that connects Kananook station to Quinn Street in Seaford over the other side of the freeway. It barely lights up the overpass if at all and feels very unsafe when coming home from work in the evening. To ensure commuter's safety, the lighting in this area newds to to be significantly improved. Will this be done during the upgrade?

    Krystelle asked almost 3 years ago

    Hi Krystelle, 

    Thanks for your questions. While we'd love to make improvements along the entire line, the level crossing removal project scope does not include any works at Kananook Station. 

    However, we've referred this on to Metro Trains and PTV as the relevant organisations responsible for stations.

  • Thank you but you did not answer my question. I was not inquiring about threatened species, but which existing native trees (banksias primarily, but also ti-trees) would be affected by your proposal. The related question is, would these species, which characterise Seaford, actually grow on the sides of an embankment as proposed?

    David M asked about 3 years ago

    Hi David,

    Apologies for the delay in responding. The Coast Banksia and Ti-trees are in the affected area, but it is too early at this stage to say to what extent. It is possible to plant both species on the embankment and these are the sorts of things we'll be talking with the community about during the next stage of our planning. 

    We are holding a number of community workshops in the coming week, if you are available it would be good to see you there. For details please see our web:

  • If developing the Port of Hastings were returned as preferred option for Melbourne's second port would the LXRA changes still allow existing rail on Frankston and Dandenong lines to be suitable for short to medium term freight handling?

    Irene Tudball asked about 3 years ago

    Hi Irene,

    Thanks for your question. Freight trains will be able to run on both the Frankston and Dandenong lines post level crossing removals.

  • Have the effects of Acid Sulphate Soils been taken into account? If so, how? Refer -

    Seaford Community Committee asked about 3 years ago

    Hi there,

    Thanks for your message. The following report shows the findings of our technical investigations to date, including reference to acid sulfate soil activation. 

    Please feel free to get in touch if you have any further questions.

  • Where are the over shadowing simulations and section drawings for this horrible proposal ? You have promised from the first meeting these would be created and provided to the public so we were completely aware of what you were planning, these have never been provided despite asking constantly, the community has been completely ignored and you are going to ruin each of these bayside towns forever. The surrounding landscape is already almost low enough to contain the rail trench you only have to stand on the oval next to the train line to see this and it's a no brainer, how are we supposed to trust anything we are told, you have drilled a few holes and now say this is t feasible at this site, the public deserve better than this and a independent assesment need to be made before any final decision can be made. Very disappointed local resident who will have to live under the shadow of this horrible development and will forever be affected by this skyrail. There will be no additional publi space this is complete rubbish, the entire frankston line is fenced off unless the oh&s laws have eased since these were erected then I can only assume all new infrastructure will be fenced off too. Your so called hybrid solution will be awful, if you actually think about it by the time it comes back to earth from 6.5 meters high you will be standing on railway parade or in the existing reserve ! I do not want this in my suburb and wouldn't wish this in anyone, complete disregard for the locals and a very knee jerk solution that will last generations. Please don't ruin the bayside suburbs

    Paul P asked about 3 years ago

    Hi Paul, 

    Thanks for your questions. We do have some constraints in the Seaford area from an environmental perspective - we acknowledge the concerns around raised rail so we've have worked to lower and shorten it as much as possible. By using planted embankments, we're also trying to better integrate it to the surrounding area. 

    We understand a member of our team has been in touch to set up a meeting with you so we can discuss your concerns in more detail. Thank you again for getting in touch.

  • What's the scenario in the event of a train derailment/accident/crash on the elevated rail??? I imagine the goods train loaded with steel would make a fine mess.

    Wander asked about 3 years ago

    Hi Wander, 

    The design of the elevated structure complies with strict international design and safety standards. This is the case for other areas on the network where rail bridges are already in place. Walkways will be created to help evacuate people in the event of an emergency. Metro Trains, who operate the trains, also have procedures to manage emergencies. 

    Thanks for getting in touch.

  • Considering some of the benefits of a rail trench would have been the fact that noise would have been reduced, nearby residents wouldn't have to endure the sight of trains and huge diesel trains, pollution would have been reduced and privacy of residents would have been maintained. What solutions do the engineers propose to solve these obvious problems? The fact that a huge train storage facility is proposed at Kananook means the increase in trains is going to make life unbearable for residents.

    RFMiles asked about 3 years ago

    Hi there, 

    After extensive investigations we have determined that the risks to the Seaford Wetlands and Kananook Creek are far too great to build a rail trench. The hybrid option we are moving ahead with will lower Seaford Road by 1.5m, avoiding impact to the wetlands and creek, and the rail built on an embankment over the road. 

    A noise model is used to measure current levels, and once the final design is produced, to measure the projected future levels. Once we know the difference in levels, the results are assessed and noise mitigation measures, such as screens, will be decided on. 

    One of the benefits of new rail infrastructure is that it is often quieter than the old but we'll keep you informed as the design progresses.

  • Looking at your proposed design illustration, it underscores that R.F. Miles Reserve is significantly lower than the proposed 1.5 mtr. road lowering. As the reserve does not exhibit any water table issues, why is the road not lowered further? At present, the proposed 5 mtrs above current road level, plus electrical infrastructure topping that is no 'hybrid' compromise at all.

    Jarek asked about 3 years ago

    Hi Jarek,

    Thanks for getting in touch. Lowering the road by 1.5 metres means we will not impact the challenging ground conditions around the crossing. There are clay layers close to the surface and digging any further greatly increases the risk to the Seaford wetlands on one side and Kananook Creek on the other. 

    You can see further information and diagrams in our design solution report here: 

    We recognise there are concerns with raised rail, we've done what we can to lower the road to the greatest extent possible without compromising the environment. The five metre high bridge does have the gantries overhead, however, it is a reduction from the previous eight metre bridge that was presented for community feedback last year. We'll also be doing extensive landscaping and planting on embankments rather than concrete structures, to help with screening. 

    Thanks again for your comments and please feel free to get in touch with any further questions.

  • I know that you quote the height as 5m but what will be the actual elevation of the bridge over the road. It is my understanding that the 5m height is taken from road to underneath the bridge????

    Geraldine asked about 3 years ago

    Hi Geraldine,

    The 5 metre height is taken from the existing rail line at the Seaford Road crossing to the new rail line. 

  • What will happen to seaford rsl and parking there pls

    Loz asked about 3 years ago

    Hi Loz,

    There'll be no changes to the Seaford RSL or parking there. The project area is around the Seaford Road level crossing.

  • This page - says “The height limit for heavy vehicles is 4.3 metres unless it is a: - vehicle built to carry cattle, horses, pigs or sheep - 4.6 metres - vehicle built with at least 2 decks for carrying vehicles - 4.6 metres - double-decker bus - 4.4 metres” If max is 4.6m, why do we need 8m clearance?

    Seaford Community Committee asked about 3 years ago

    Hi there,

    Once construction is complete, the clearance at Seaford Road will be 5.4m which is the minimum requirement for structures built over arterial roads. This allows all vehicles to travel under while keeping the structure as low as possible.

  • I am very concerned about the impact of the proposed Seaford Road crossing on existing native vegetation along the railway in the vicintiy of Railway Parade. I presume you have an existing conditions plan showing trees, and a plan showing which ones would and would not be affected. Could you make it available please? thank you

    David M asked about 3 years ago

    Hi David,

    Thanks for your message. We have indeed undertaken flora and fauna investigations around the Seaford Road level crossing. The results have found no threatened species or significant vegetation classes in the area. Whilst there will be some vegetation removal to allow for construction, there is a great opportunity with the hybrid design solution to add extensive planting and landscaping on the embankment as well as the surrounding area. We are asking for community feedback on this, and other design elements, and will be holding workshops over the next few weeks. 

    If you haven't already, please subscribe to our project updates to hear more. We are also out in our mobile information hub this week in the Woolworths car park where you can meet members of the project team, ask questions and look at the maps and images on display. See details here:

  • I would just like to know of the plans you have in place for the neighbouring residents houses? Are you going to relocate them and play their expenses for doing so or are you going to pass the buck on to the Frankston council for that? A LOT of local residents around that area are going to be affected by this, so if I were you I'd be 100% your plans are made with due consideration to the nearby residents who will be directly affected by this work to be carried out.

    Karen Jennings asked about 3 years ago

    Hi Karen,

    Thanks for getting in touch. We know there can be short term disruptions during construction and we will be doing all we can to manage these expected impacts. Once our construction partner is on board, they will develop a Construction Environment Management Plan which will spell out how they will manage impacts to neighbouring properties. We also have relocation policies as part of our projects where residents are relocated at no cost during particularly intensive construction periods.

  • Hi, I am interested to understand the traffic modelling as a result of removing Seaford Level Crossing. The Technical Investigations report shows traffic modelling from Seaford Railway Station north (I presume this is a mistake given the crossing in question is further south). Can you please provide traffic modelling for Railway Parade, Fortescue Ave, Seaford Road etc...? Also, I will present this at the future engagement opportunities, but instead of building a new cycling/pedestrian trail as a part of removing this level crossing I suggest we consolidate existing trails by laying gravel topping on either or both the Seaford Foreshore and Kananook Trails. These are more aesthic areas than the rail line south of Seaford Road which doesn't seem to serve any functional purpose. Finally, I am interested to hear about the community working group that will be set up to refine the final design. I am interested in looking at being a member. Thanks

    Nick asked about 3 years ago

    Hi Nick. 

    We've done traffic counts at the Seaford Road, Railway Pde and Fortescue Ave intersections and we expect the existing road layout of Seaford Road between Elsie Ave and Railway Pde to operate sufficiently once the level crossing is removed. There will be particular improvements to the bus routes that cross between Fortescue Ave and Railway Pde. 

    We will continue to work closely with VicRoads and Council to ensure traffic operations work efficiently as part of our works. It would be great to hear more about your ideas for paths, we will be holding workshops in the next few weeks and this is certainly something we would like to get feedback on. Details will be on the web. 

    With regards to the community reference group, if you could please email us your details we will get back in touch as we develop the group. Many thanks for your interest in the project.

  • Will the bus stop at the end of Johnstone St be moved as indicated in the drawings? This is something I have wanted for years as it is dangerous where it is.

    Irene Tudball asked about 3 years ago

    Hi Irene,

    Thanks for your message. The location of the bus stop in the drawing is indicative at this stage. The final location will depend on features such as the location of the open space under the railway, pedestrian crossings and paths along the rail line. 

    We will shortly be holding workshops where we will be asking for your feedback on design elements such as these. Sign up for our project updates to hear when you can get involved in this process

  • We have just purchased a block of land on the corner of Railway Parade and Weatherstone Rd, knowing that the railway crossing was to be removed, and are generally in favour of the hybrid solution proposed. However, think of any railway bridge in Melbourne and most people would probably agree that there is a strong booming noise when a train goes over the bridge. We are slightly concerned by the potential noise impact of two bridges in such close proxinity to our property; one over Seaford Rd and one a little further north allowing access to the RF Miles reserve. We can understand the visual appeal of a bridge allowing pedestrian access, and such access is a good idea, but what measures are you going to take to reduce the noise emanating from this particular bridge. Have you given any thought to reducing the scale of the bridge and providing access more by way of tunnels, which will be less noisy?

    Jonathan Sanders asked about 3 years ago

    Hi Jonathan, 

    Thanks for your message. We will be constructing just one bridge, with the elevation starting around Johnstone Street and slowing rising to a 5m height (above current road level) at Seaford Road. The planned embankments will help to screen from any structures. 

    We know that noise is a concern for those living close to the rail line and we will be including noise mitigation strategies to address these. There is no requirement to mitgate noise from trains currently but we'll be building a brand new rail line so we'll be meeting all the latest standards (plus modern infrastructure helps to decrease noise in the first instance). 

    Are you currently living in the area? We will be bringing our mobile information hub to Seaford next week where you can view maps and talk to our tehcnical team who'll be able to further answer your questions. 

    Alternatively we are available to meet with you individually if you prefer. Please give us a call on 1800 762 667 or email to arrange a meeting, or follow this link for mobile information hub details

  • Very ointerested to see specific levels for road and rail. Also can you give details of landscaping, footpath configuration and any allowance for cycle way?

    Simontil asked about 3 years ago

    Hi Simontil, 

    Thanks for your message. 

    Seaford Road will be lowered by around 1.5 metres. The height to the top of the rails will be around 5 metres from the existing Seaford Road level - we'll continue to refine the design once we have a construction partner on board. The project will go to tender this year and industry will look at exact levels of the road and rail as well as landscaping, access etc. We have some proposed options for walking and cycling connections which you can see in our latest community update available on our online hub 

    We will also have some larger maps available at our mobile information hub next week - opening hours are available on the online hub. We're interested to hear what people think about potential landscaping, paths and other local upgrades so be sure to subscribe for updates so we can let you know about opportunities to provide feedback and get involved

  • Also third part. Will Seaford station be kept at current level for easy access? And no crossing change?

    Simontil asked about 3 years ago

    Correct Simon- no changes to Seaford station or the crossing there. 

    Thanks for your interest in the project!

  • I wanted to suggest an improvement that could easily be added to the project and would really help the traffic flow for the residents coming from Park Street and its adjoining Streets: the addition of left (and possibly right) turning arrows for traffic on Mackenzie St at the intersection of Railway Parade. Currently when the boom gates are down, the Mackenzie St lights are red, which means traffic has to bank up for up to 5 minutes at peak times. A left turning arrow would help us when we need to travel south bound along railway parade towards Seaford Rd and the freeways. A right turning arrow would be good, but less important, as local traffic can currently drive north bound along park street and eventually come out at Armstrongs Rd. We would appreciate it VERY much if this could be added!

    sammytburger asked about 3 years ago

    Hi sammytburger, 

    Thanks for your message and apologies for the delayed response. 

    It certainly is a congested intersection and by removing the level crossing we should see vast improvements. 

    We would be happy to pass your suggestion on to Frankston Council and VicRoads, as the traffic signalling does come under their remit and is outside the Level Crossing Removal Project's works. 

    We will be reviewing traffic flow once the project is complete, to ensure traffic is operating efficiently. 

    Thanks again for getting in touch.

  • Hey there. Firstly a massive thanks for your work in upgrading the crossing st seaford road

    sammytburger asked about 3 years ago

    Thank you for your interest in the Seaford Road Level Crossing Removal Project, Sammy. 

    Please let us know if you have any specific questions and we'll be happy to answer them.

  • How come there is no artist impression of the rail under road option?

    Dafyd asked over 3 years ago

    Hi Dafyd, thanks for your question. 

    At this phase of the project we are using indicative imagery to show the type of level crossing removals being proposed. Upon further development of design, in the next phase of the project, we will have artist’s impressions for public comment. 

     We appreciate your patience in the meantime.

  • When considering the bridge over road option what consideration is used to design the bridge for the rail traffic that will be using it? What is the current load carrying capacity of the existing line? What is the estimated load carrying capacity required for the freight trains that use this line considering that they can be a large number of freight cars with heavy steel loads? What is the relevant costs of each proposal including compensation for derailment and subsequent damage to property? How many lines will be catered for, will there be a third express line?

    Dafyd asked over 3 years ago

    Thanks for your questions, Dafyd. 

    No matter which option goes ahead for Seaford, the design will be appropriate for the passenger and frieght trains that use the line, as is the case with the rest of Melbourne's rail network. Stringent design standards exist to mitigate the risk of derailment, as such all rail tracks include a 200mm-300mm derailment kerb as part of their standard design. As the rail corridor is narrow, there is little capacity to add a third rail line through this area and it hasn't been identified as an immediate need for the wider network at this time. 

    Thanks again for contacting us with your questions. 

  • How can I look at all the questions being asked and the thoughtful responses?

    Dafyd asked over 3 years ago

    Thanks for your question, Dafyd.

    All questions asked on our Ask Us page have been answered and published right here: If you're after questions and answers from our recent community presentations, you can find them in our Community Presentation Summary Report, available in our document library (

    Happy reading!

  • Will your EES referral for the Seaford Road Crossing specifically include the advice to consider the potential impact on migratory bird mortality associated with live electrical infrastructure located 16 meters above ground level supported by steel stanchions spaced , I assume around 20 meters apart ( I have to assume this distance of stanchion spacing as none of the rail bridge descriptive elevation pictures presented at the recent Seaford community session included this component of the overall structure) ?

    Tony asked over 3 years ago

    Thank you for contacting us with your query, Tony. 

    We'll be making a referral to the Minister for Planning who will make a determination on the need for an Environment Effects Statement (EES). If an EES is required the Minister for Planning will issue scoping requirements, setting out the environmental aspects that must be addressed in the EES. 

    Thanks again for getting in touch.

  • Will the rail bridge option result in more or less noise and vibration than what residents in the area currently experience?

    Jonathan asked over 3 years ago

    Hi there, thanks for your question. 

    We are currently undertaking technical investigation including detailed noise modelling at each of the sites. Upon completion with information will be publicly available. 

    In the meantime, take a look at the noise fact sheet here:

  • Why isn't the crossing at station st being removed? Shouldn't they start the gradual decline before the station and update the station then gradually incline the other side of Seaford rd? Surely if you can dig under the yarra and the tunnel on the Eastlink we have advanced in technology and engineering to be able to compensate for these crossings.

    Willing64 asked over 3 years ago

    Hi there, thanks for your question and apologies for the late response.

    We've been tasked with removing the 50 most dangerous and congested level crossings in Melbourne by 2022. 

    Unfortunately, the removal of the level crossing at Station Street is out of the scope of these works. But the good news is, either of the proposed options at Seaford Road will not preclude future removal of the Station Street level crossing.

  • Will the rail trench option result in more or less noise and vibration than what residents in the area currently experience?

    Jonathan asked over 3 years ago

    Hi there, thanks for your question.

    Noise and vibration assessments are currently underway as part of our technical investigations process, so we will have a clearer understanding of the potential impacts of each option. 

    These results will be publicly available sometime late this year or early 2017.

  • Will weatherston rd be changed at all due to the proposed railworks?

    John w asked over 3 years ago

    Hi John, 

    Thanks for your question. Weatherston Road will not be changed as part of the scope of this level crossing removal project. 

  • I have looked at images of other sky rails and note they are electrified underneath not above, so my question is: If the Skyrail (above) is accepted will there be gantries about with lines etc, of will the train be powered beneath (so no wires).

    Pennyandbarry asked over 3 years ago

    Hi Pennyandbarry, thanks for your question. 

    The rail network in Melbourne requires overhead equipment including electrical wires and these would be installed above the structure in a rail bridge design.