When will the Camp Road level crossing be removed?

The boom gates on Camp Road will be removed by the end of 2017, with reinstatement works continuing into early 2018.

Why are you removing the Camp Road level crossing?

The boom gates are down for approximately 10 minutes in the two-hour morning peak (between 7.00am and 9.00am), causing delays and leading to congestion for approximately 30,000 road users travelling along Camp Road each week day.

Besides the time delays, the congestion can also lead to frustration for drivers and cyclists, and cause them to take risks such as trying to ‘beat’ the red lights and boom gates to avoid delays.

How will the Camp Road level crossing be removed?

The Level Crossing Removal Authority undertook extensive site investigations and technical reviews of the Camp Road level crossing and assessed all possible ways for its removal.

Design options were investigated and lowering the rail line beneath Camp Road was considered the most appropriate for the site and surrounds.

Why is the railway line being lowered under Camp Road?

Investigations and a technical review of all possible designs found that building the rail line under Camp Road is the only feasible option. All other designs faced at least one or more of the following constraints:

- significant land acquisition
- impacts on adjacent business access
- major re-routing of Camp Road affecting traffic and businesses
- reduced sight lines creating safety issues for vehicles approaching Sydney Road
- avoids building a new rail bridge over the Western Ring Road which would cause major traffic disruption
- major alterations to the Western Ring Road
- realignment of Sydney Road.