What is the design solution for removing the Edithvale Road level crossing?

We will be removing the Edithvale Road level crossing by lowering the rail line into a trench and rebuilding Edithvale Road at the existing road level. We will also build a new station at Edithvale.

When will construction start?

We are referring the project to the Minister for Planning who will determine if an Environment Effects Statement (EES) is needed for the project. An EES is an evaluation of the potential significant environmental, social and planning aspects of a project, and the approach to managing those impacts. 

If undertaken, the EES process can take 12 months or more, and construction cannot begin until the Minister for Planning has completed his assessment and made planning approvals. If an EES is required construction will start in 2019. 

Why are you referring this project for an EES?

We know it is feasible to build a trench at Edithvale, however a key step in the planning process is to refer the project to the State Minister for Planning to consider whether an EES is required.

In Edithvale, we are close to the Edithvale-Seaford wetlands - these are internationally protected to it's important to refer the project so we can fully understand and manage any potential impacts.

Could the outcome of the EES process mean you have to change the design option to a bridge?

No. The EES process evaluates the rail trench project design to determine how it can manage and mitigate the impacts to the wetlands and groundwater in the area.   

When will a decision be made as to whether an EES is required?

Once we lodge our referral, we expect a decision from the Minister for Planning in the coming months. 

How will the final design affect how people get to the beach?

We know pedestrian access to the beach is important to the local community. The project will reinstate pedestrian access; however the exact location(s) will be determined in consultation with the local community. 

How can I get involved and provide feedback?

We’ll be out in the community with our mobile information hub so drop in to get more information on the project and talk to members of the project team. More information on this will be provided shortly.

We will also be out meeting with locals and community groups to explain more about the project. Please contact us on 1800 762 667 if you would like to talk to us about organising a meeting for your group.