Kananook Train Storage Facility Submission Form

We invite you to provide feedback on the Kananook Train Storage Facility.

If you wish to give feedback on this project, we encourage you to make a formal submission by Sunday 30 April 2017 using this online form.

The Level Crossing Removal Authority will use your feedback to further enhance the project design, and community feedback and submissions will help to inform decision-making about the project.

Feedback received will also be provided to the Minister for Planning as part of a formal request to amend the Frankston Planning Scheme. The proposed planning scheme amendment will apply to land within the rail and road corridors affected by the project as well as the land proposed to be permanently or temporarily required for the project, including access to the rail corridor.

The amendment will put in place a site specific planning control called an Incorporated Document permitting development of the project without the need for further planning permits.

CLOSED: The submissions have concluded. Thank you for your interest.