How many options did you investigate?

We investigated five options for removing the Balcombe Road, Mentone level crossing and have identified two of these options for further consideration. We undertook initial investigations to determine the practicality of all options, taking into account a range of criteria.

Will the level crossing removal impact the heritage listed Mentone Station and gardens?

Mentone Station and gardens are listed on the Victorian Heritage register and are important community assets.  Both design options under active consideration would have an impact on the Station and gardens - the rail bridge option to a lesser extent.

We have engaged independent experts Lovell Chen to conduct a heritage assessment of the station and the gardens and to look at ways to reduce the impact of the design options on the station precinct. Both options under active consideration allow for the retention of the five heritage listed trees in the station gardens. Given Mentone Station will be rebuilt as part of this project, we are currently exploring an alternative use for the existing station and are seeking your views.

Will the level crossing removal project affect commuter parking at Mentone Station?

The two existing car parks on either side of the station would need to be closed for an extended period (up to 18 months) during construction work to remove the Balcombe Road level crossing.

We aim for no net loss of parking as part of the level crossing removal (once works are complete). 

Is the project considering further level crossing removals at Latrobe Street?

Traffic modelling shows that Latrobe Street has a quiet level crossing and could be closed to traffic. We are seeking community feedback on this option before we make any decision.

How can I get involved and provide feedback?

There are many ways to get involved.

Come along to one of our community sessions or have your say online by completing our survey, joining the discussion forum, asking a question or completing a quick poll. You can also contact us on 1800 762 667 or or follow our social media channels.

When does consultation close?

Consultation on the options for removing the Balcombe Road level crossings is open until 30 October 2016.

How will you use my feedback?

Feedback will be considered alongside our continuing technical investigations and environmental issues to help us determine a recommended option for each level crossing site. We’ll be coming back to the community in late 2016/early 2017 to seek input on station design as well as the recommended option for the Balcombe Road level crossing removal.

When will construction start?

We will start construction in 2018. There is still a considerable amount of planning, site investigations and design development to make sure the solution is right for the Mentone community.