What is the Planning Scheme Amendment?

A Planning Scheme Amendment (PSA) is a change to the relevant planning scheme – in this instance the Wyndham Planning Scheme – to conduct works in the area. 

The PSA would apply a specific planning control to remove the need for separate planning permits. 

This process is commonly used for infrastructure projects and has been used for previous level crossing removal projects across Melbourne.

Specifically, this PSA will facilitate: 

• removal of the level crossing at Werribee Street 

• construction of a new elevated rail bridge approximately one kilometre long. The total height of the bridge is approximately 9.4 metres, with a 5.4 metre clearance under the rail bridge. 

• improving access to Werribee CBD 

• new signalling, utility service infrastructure and cabling required for trains 

• a range of other related rail infrastructure and building works.

Before works begin, the Level Crossing Removal Project will make a request to the Minister for Planning to amend the Wyndham Planning Scheme.

What does the Planning Scheme Amendment apply to?

The proposed PSA will apply to land necessary for the project as well as any adjacent land required for construction, car parking and access to the rail corridor. If the PSA is approved, it allows the project to progress without the need for a series of individual planning permits. 

It would insert an Incorporated Document into the Wyndham Planning Scheme, enabling the works to proceed subject to certain conditions that will need to be met. 

A draft incorporated document and other project information including the project area map, is available on the Werribee Street, Werribee Your Level Crossing page.

What design solution is being used for the removal of the level crossing at Werribee Street, Werribee?

The level crossing will be removed by constructing a new elevated rail bridge over Werribee Street to improve access to the Werribee CBD. 

The existing crossing will be removed, making way for additional community space under the elevated structure.

Why are you seeking submissions?

As part of the PSA process, the community and other interested parties have an opportunity to provide feedback about the project.

A summary of submissions and feedback will be provided to the Minister for Planning to inform a final decision regarding approval of the request to amend the Wyndham Planning Scheme.

Will this be my only opportunity to provide input on the project?

With regards to the specific works outlined, this will be the only opportunity to provide feedback as part of a formal PSA process. Outside the PSA process, there will be further opportunities to provide feedback.

For current opportunities, we encourage you to check the Your Level Crossing Werribee page. and/or register for email updates.

What can submissions be about?

Submissions may outline concerns about, or support for, any aspect of the proposed PSA and/or the project more broadly.

Who can make a submission?

Any interested parties can make a submission. Letters and submission forms have been mailed to residents and land owners who live near the project area. However, anyone with an interest in the project can make a submission online.

Wyndham City Council and Department of Transport will also be consulted and have the opportunity to provide input on the PSA.

How can I provide a submission?

You can provide a submission by completing the form online at Werribee Street Your Level Crossing.

Submissions close at 5:00pm Monday 11 November.

Where can I find more information?

Do you have a translation service?

Yes, for languages other than English please call 9280 0780.